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About us


About Us

Coach James (Ujjal Kalita)
Guiding Your Fitness Journey

Passionate, dedicated, and experienced, Coach James (Ujjal Kalita) is not just a coach; he’s a mentor on your fitness journey. With a mission to empower individuals through health and fitness, he brings a holistic approach to training, catering to various fitness goals and individual needs. Recognized as the best fitness trainer in Guwahati, Coach James leads TeamJamesSquad, where we believe that fitness is not a destination but a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. We are committed to providing personalized guidance, backed by science and experience, to help you achieve your fitness goals sustainably. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, TeamJamesSquad welcomes you to join our community. Let’s embark on a journey of transformation together!


Backed by diverse certifications and achievements


Tailored programs for every fitness level and goal


Proven track record of transforming lives


Join a supportive fitness community

Credentials that Speak Volumes

Coach James (Ujjal Kalita) brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to TeamJamesSquad. His certifications include:

  • GMSA ( Nutrition coach )
  • GGFI ( Personal Training Certification )
  • IIFM (Advanced anabolics and supplementation )
  • HFI ( Sparc Institute under Dr.K.Pugazhendi )
  • Women’s Specializations by Gold’s Gym
  • Piloxing under Gold’s gym

Proven Track Record Achievements:

  • Mr. India top 10 (NABBA)
  • Mr. Karnataka 4th place 2019 (NABBA)
  • Mr. Bangalore top 10 (IBBF)
  • Mr. Kancipuram top 10 (IBBF)
  • Mr. Chennai top 10 ( IBBF)
  • Mr. Assam 2nd place 2021(IBBF)
  • Ameture Olympia 2022(NPC worldwide) international, classic physique top 10 

Embark on a transformative fitness journey with TeamJamesSquad. Your goals are our mission!

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